We’ve photographed many senior boys over the years, and here are the top tips on what to bring to their senior shoot and how to prepare for it.


1) Use props related to their hobbies or activities

If they are a musician, have them bring their instrument.  If they play a sport, they can wear their uniform or bring a ball.  If they like to read, we can incorporate books.  By incorporating their hobbies, senior guys are more likely to relax and be in their element during the shoot.



2) Haircuts and Shaves

Whether your senior guy wants to keep his hair short or long, it’s very important to consider a visit to the barber for exactly the right length of hair you want for the photos.  A recommended time frame is one or two weeks in advance.

Also, be careful with shaving the day of the photoshoot.  Use plenty of shaving cream to minimize razor burn.  Elevate the look with hair styling or hire a professional to style it for your senior.  We recommend Cutthroat Barbershop in downtown Houston.



3) Suit Up

Dressing up is always a good idea for photoshoots.  We love our senior guys in suits, and what’s better is how confident they feel when they wear a well-tailored one that fits their body.  We highly recommend shopping at Zara, which has a great selection of suits year round.


4) Cars

Not every senior guy cares about cars, but many of them do.  If your senior guy is a car enthusiast, he can bring his car to the shoot.  A thorough car wash is recommended though.




5) Acne

Acne is every teenager’s worst enemy.  However, here are some actions that can make a difference: sleep well the week of the shoot, hydrate with lots of water, wash the face, stay away from oily fried foods and sugary items.

If your senior has cystic acne or a major breakout the week of the photoshoot, let us know immediately, and we will hire a makeup artist to airbrush out the acne.  Airbrush makeup on guys look incredibly natural.  No one will ever be able to tell they have anything on, and it takes only a few minutes for application.  Lastly, we have photoshop to help us out, so acne in photos is not something you have to worry about.




6) Ignore tips 1-5 if it doesn’t apply

Maybe your senior guy doesn’t fit the mold, and tips 1-5 may not apply to him.  Ignore it!  It’s okay because the goal isn’t to have photos that are fabricated versions of your senior.  We want to capture your senior as he is, because years from now, he may look completely different.  One of our favorite senior guy portraits of all time is of Luke, who ignored tips 2-3 because they just don’t apply to him.  We love him for that, and we’re so happy we got to capture him exactly as brilliant and wonderful as he is.


Senior Guy Picture Ideas

June 24, 2014

Ling Wang