A few years ago, it was very popular for senior portraits to have a lot makeup, huge strip lashes, and editing that removes any kind of pores or texture from the skin. It was too much, and I’m very pleased that those trends are fading away.

Fueled by the #MeToo movement, young women are more empowered than ever. This past year, I’ve had more teens that no longer regularly wear makeup compared to previous years. Many of my seniors now go without foundation day to day. Most of them only pop on a bit of macara or liner, and they are good to go for school. It could be the seniors I attract, but I do think that across the board, there is a shift in perspective.

I have nothing but love for makeup, but I am also an advocate for young women being more raw and appreciating their God given natural beauty.

To sum it up, the huge shift in trends in senior portraits this year is “less is more.”

That means people prefer skin in photographs to look real, not blurred out or even too perfected. The hairstyles you see may be a little less big and more on the side of tousseled and effortless, or straight and pulled back. The other difference is opting out of false lashes all together or using only very natural strip lashes to add a little bit of volume.

This senior photoshoot with Emily is a prime example of how we’ve pulled back on the makeup, brought down the curls so they start lower rather than higher, and we opted for no lashes as we felt that fit Emily better. On the photography side, we did more lifestyle versus portrait photos because it captured Emily’s essence more accurately.

At LWP, we always strive to create shoots that mirror the energy and vibe of our clients. While we definitely still have a distinctive voice and style, you’ll see through our blog that we definitely tailor each shoot to fit our client’s needs.

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2018 Shift in Trends for Senior Portraits

February 9, 2018

Ling Wang