If you want your senior portraits to look more like a fashion shoot, finding the right accessories to complete your outfit is essential.  When you’re pre-planning your shoot, here are the accessories you want to consider.

Jewelry – necklaces / bracelets / earrings / rings

Find jewelry pieces that fit your personality and style.  You don’t have to wear all of those pieces at once.  It really just depends on the texture, silhouette, length, and style of your outfit.



For Fall and Winter shoots, scarves are one of our favorite accessories.  It adds a pop of color, keeps you warm, and adds a different dimension to your outfit.

Sunglasses and glasses

Not only are sunglasses going to protect your eyes, they are the perfect accessory for a city or urban shoot.  Of course, if you wear glasses regularly, bring those with you.

Handbags / totes / clutches / backpacks

Wearing handbags and bags give your photos a more lifestyle feel.  Especially if you carry some sort of handbag day to day, it makes sense to have it as an accessory for your photoshoot.


For nature shoots, flowers are the perfect accessory.  You can wear them in your hair, hold them in your hands, etc.

Shoes – pumps / sandals / boots & booties / sneaker / flats / wedges

The right shoes can make you look taller, add a pep to you steps, and dress up an outfit. It’s typically better to wear shoes with some sort of heel.  Unless you’re already tall or have long legs, avoid wearing flats.

Hats – fedoras / beanies / caps 

Hats are one of our favorite accessories.  However, just like sunglasses, you have to find the style for your face shape.  If you have a round face or square face, fedoras or hats with brims are the best for your face shape; avoid beanies, caps, or any round shape hats.  If you have pointed chin, an oval or heart shape face, you can typically wear any shape hat.

Outwear – jackets / coats / cardigans / vests / kimonos

If you’re shooting during Spring, Fall, or Winter, throwing on outwear gives you a quick outfit change immediately.



Belts are the perfect accessories for cinching in a dress that doesn’t have much shape, and it’s an accessory that can add extra pizazz to your midsection.


Accessories that complete the outfit

December 16, 2016

Ling Wang