Before you start wondering, let me just start by saying *THIS IS NOT A SENIOR SHOOT*. Parents of seniors, please don’t freak out. Your kid will not be photographed like this (unless he/she wants to be, and you consent.)

This photoshoot was born out of experimentation between the model (Brooke), makeup artist (Jackie), and I. We all love Japanese anime, so we wanted to create a shoot that has a cartoonish feel. The location itself is a run-down place I’ve been driving by for months. In fact, many people might even call it ugly, but it was important to me to create something interesting out of the ordinary, the forgotten, and the broken. I believe that if we can only change our perspective, then life can be more interesting and wonderful.

Since I photograph young women quite often, one of my main concerns as a photographer is bringing out the beauty of my clients in photos. To free myself from doing what I normally do, I intentionally did not photograph poses that were traditionally considered beautiful. Photography is my passion and hobby, but I do it for work.

To take a break from “work” but still do what I love, I have to photograph something different from what I normally do. So this shoot was my breath of fresh air, my vacation from normalcy, and I hope you enjoy it as much I loved shooting it.

Photoshoot with Brooke – Houston Fashion Photographer

December 2, 2017

Ling Wang